Nov 262012

It takes more than just training to become a CNA

A complete healthcare team immensely benefits from the presence of certified nursing assistants who play important functions in a variety of medical situations. Long-term care institutions, hospitals, community care institutions, and nursing homes have CNAs working for them. CNAs also work at the homes of patients as health assistants. Most of the tasks of CNAs are similar although the institution or workplace determines the tasks required from a CNA.

It is important to be aware of the basic personal characteristics needed by a CNA in order to recognize the nature of their job. Primarily, the work of a CNA focuses on the basic notion that they need to provide the best possible care for the patients. This basic notion will ultimately succeed when it is founded on the fundamental attributes of Compassion, Care, and Empathy.


  • Compassion is the sympathetic feeling you have for someone who is experiencing grief or has a medical condition. Although you may not be able to fully comprehend the entire situation, it is important for to exert effort in order to have compassion included into the care program.
  • It is essential for healthcare professionals to offer the best possible care that they were trained for to their patients at any given situation. This particular concept requires the healthcare professional to be aware of the needs of the patient. If you are aware of the situation of the patients, you will be able to fully comprehend the situation and deal with their apprehensions and needs.
  • Empathy is a characteristic that is closely related to compassion. However, it brings this emotion to the next level since a higher level of awareness for the concerns and needs of the patients is needed. You may have to put yourself in the situation of patient in order to demonstrate empathy. For instance, how would you want the CNA to treat you if you are experiencing pain, an illness or anxiety?

Things To Consider

The job of a CNA requires similar responsibilities in most locations although these tasks have the tendency to have some minor differences in some situations. For instance, it may be necessary for you to have more responsibilities if you are in a hospital, which is dependent on the floor you are assigned.

On the other hand, a CNA assigned as a home-health assistant may have a number of other responsibilities that are not connected to health, like food preparation and household duties.

Although the location may determine a number of these responsibilities, it is essential to keep in mind that you should put into practice the traditional personal traits of a professional CNA of compassion, care, and empathy.

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