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Medicare Nursing Home Compare Staffing Data
Be careful when comparing staffing levels of different nursing homes. Other types of nursing home staff like clerical, administrative, or housekeeping staff aren't included in these staffing numbers.

Learn more about staffing needs for nursing homes.
Staffing data reported on Nursing Home Compare come from the states. The staffing hours are reported by the nursing home into a measure that shows the number of staff hours per resident per day.

PDF Fact Sheet: Nursing Home Compare Five-Star Quality Rating
The information that CMS presents on Nursing Home Compare, in fact, can provide consumers with helpful questions to ask during a visit to a nursing home. The staffing measures are case-mix adjusted for different levels of resident care needs across nursing homes.

Nursing Home Staffing
Nursing Home Compare is recording 500,000 page views each month and is by far the most popular section of our website. The staffing data are a critical addition, in light of the new research we are unveiling on the strong association between staffing levels and quality care.

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The Nursing Home Compare website update will take place on March 17, 2011. For the weeks when the Helpline is not operational, please direct all inquiries to [email protected], as Helpline staff will be responding to e-mail inquiries when the Helpline is not operational.

Comparing Nursing Homes – AARP
Comparing Nursing Homes. Use this checklist to ask the right questions when choosing a long-term care facility. Make one unscheduled stop on the weekend or evening when there may be staffing problems. Talk to nursing staff to make sure the kind of care your loved one needs is provided.

PDF Medicare's Nursing | Nursing home staffing
Search by nursing home name, or by city, county, state, or ZIP code. • Compare the following information about the nursing homes you are considering: – Five-Star Quality Ratings. – Health inspection results. – Nursing home staffing.

Nursing Home Compare
Each nursing home is given a five-star rating based on health inspections, staffing, and quality measures, and then an overall five-star rating, comparing all the information.HHS: Nursing Home Compare.

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'Nursing Home Compare' also provides informa-tion on "Quality Measures." To see this, select the nursing home using the search criteria from the homepage and then click on the tab Nursing home staff should encourage residents to do as much as possible on their own and to en-gage in activities.

Nursing Home Rating compared with Home Health Care…
Nursing home staffing information about the number of registered nurses, licensed practical or vocational nurses, physical therapists, and nursing assistants in each nursing home. Nursing Home Compare's 5 Star Rating.

Running a five-star nursing home | Center for Public Integrity
In 2012 that consistency in staffing contributed to Woodview's earning the top rating from the federal government for overall quality — a 5-star score on a 5-star scale from Nursing Home Compare, a website the government uses to help the public comparison shop for nursing homes.

Nursing Homes
The Federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services also offers Nursing Home Compare. Nursing homes that are certified to participate in Medicare or Medicaid are rated according to a 5-star system based on inspection results, quality measures and staffing.

Nursing home care – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A nursing home, convalescent home, skilled nursing facility (SNF), care home, rest home or intermediate care provides a type of residential care. It is a place of residence for people who require continual nursing care and have significant difficulty coping with the required activities of daily living.

PDF The Nursing Home Checklist | Staff
Visit Nursing Home Compare at for more information. Do they refer to residents by name? Does the nursing home offer a training and continuing education program for all staff?

PDF A Note on the Accuracy of Nursing Home Compare Data
(4) Staffing ("Staffing ratings and reported, expected, and adjusted staffing values."); and. (5) Star Ratings ("Overall, Health Inspection, Staffing, and Quality Measure Ratings for all active providers.") A Note on the Accuracy of Nursing Home Compare Data.

3 Factors to Help You Compare Nursing Home Care –
You can compare nursing home quality at Nursing Home Compare, a website managed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Medicare's nursing home ratings come from three categories: staffing, health inspections and quality measures.

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Nursing Home Compare. • Our Changes Do Not Remove any Nursing. Home Data Previously Available. Step 2 – Compare the quality of nursing homes you're considering using the 5-Star Quality Ratings, health inspections, nursing home staff data, quality measures & fire safety…

Nursing Homes in California | US News Best Nursing Homes
At the top of the California nursing homes list are those with a rating of five stars from the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services for their overall performance in health inspections, nurse staffing and quality of medical care.

Figure 1. Home page for Nursing Home Compare website If you click on the "Find and Compare Nursing Homes" button near the bottom of the page, it brings you to a page with several options for This allows the staffing values to be placed on a comparable scale for all the nation's nursing homes.

Comparing Virginia's Nursing Homes- Kendall Law Firm
Comparing Virginia's Nursing Homes – Here's What You Need to Know about the Five Star Rating System. The five star system rates nursing homes based on health inspection results, staffing, quality measures, and then issues an overall star rating.

Total Nursing Staffing
Compare the qualified staff availability at Washington Center for Rehabilitation & Healthcare against the Argyle, New York regional averages for nursing home staff availiblity among Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical or Vocational Nurses, and Certified Nursing Assistants and Therapists.

PDF Nursing Home Care Quality
The second section reviews trends in nursing home quality as evidenced by available reports of trends in citations for deficiencies, staffing, and quality indicators. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (2004). Nursing Home Compare Website.

Changes to Nursing Home Compare and the Five Star Quality Rating…
Nursing Home Compare is the federal website where, since 1998, CMS has published information about nursing homes. by state survey agencies; (2) the staffing measure, which is based on self-reported information of nurse staffing in the two weeks before the annual survey; and (3) the QMs…

Nursing Homes |
In a nursing home, residents have 24-hour access to trained staff, so they can be continuously The range of services provided by a convalescent home can vary from facility to facility, so if you're considering a particular convalescent home, compare it to other skilled nursing facilities in your area.

Nursing Home Compare Data – Nursing Home Report Cards
The Nursing Home Report Card utilizes staffing data compiled by the Kaiser Health Foundation, performance measures from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services' Nursing Home Compare[1], and the Office of State Long-Term Care Ombudsman complaint data.

PDF Format of visit | Nursing Staff Hours Per Resident Per Day
Nursing Homes Demographics of Facilities. l Corporate structure. • 65% for-profit(proprietary) • 25% non profit • 10% government • 56% part of a chain. l Best parameter is staffing levels. l Access through Nursing Home Compare.

PDF Staffing for a Nursing Home
Other types of nursing home staff such as clerical, administrative, or housekeeping staff are not included in these staffing numbers. Be careful when comparing staffing levels of different nursing homes.

Nursing Home Staff Turnover: Impact on Nursing Home Compare…
Design and Methods: The staff turnover measures came from primary data collected from 2,840 nursing homes in 2004 (representing a 71% response rate). We examined 14 indicators of care quality that came from the Nursing Home Compare Web site.

Nursing home Compare and the Five-Star Quality Rating System
Includes only nuring homes certified by Medicare and/or Medicaid. SOURCE: Kaiser Family Foundation analysis of Nursing Home Compare data, February 2015. In 1986, an Institute of Medicine (IOM) report identified several problem areas with nursing home care, including staffing capacity, training…

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Visit Nursing Home Compare at for more information. The nursing home does background checks on all staff. The guide on your tour knows the residents by name and is recognized by them.

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