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Nursing School Accreditation | Why Accreditation Matters
Learn why accreditation matters when you're choosing your nursing school. The Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs (COA) accredits nurse anesthesia programs at the certificate, master's and doctoral degree levels.

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Why Certification Matters. Certified nurses have taken the extra step to validate their specialized knowledge and skills. Nursing certification is important because it benefits:  You,  Your employer,  And most importantly your patients and their families.

PDF Why does it matter? | Are Your Nurses Board Certified?
ABNS, the only accrediting body specifically for nursing certification, is the standard-setting body for nursing certification programs and has a very stringent and comprehensive process. Why does it matter? The healthcare industry is a vast and ever-changing landscape of therapies and technologies.

Why CNA Certification Matters
A certified nurse aide has received certification that is approved by the state. They are registered with the State Board of Nursing as a certified nursing assistant. These credentials are higher than those of a nurse aide who is not certified.

PDF Nursing Certification
Nursing certification: A matter for the professional organization. In J. McCloskey & H. Grace (Eds.), Current Issues in Nursing – 3rd edition (pp. 327-335). Gladfelter, J. (2006). Nursing certification: Why it matters. Plastic Surgical Nursing, 26(4), 208-210.

Top 100 Nursing Blogs That Matter | NurseBuff
Why It Matters: Alice Benjamin is a certified Clinical Nurse Specialist with more than 15 years of experience in cardiovascular health. Her blog is full of health tips for everyone trying to maintain a healthy living.

Rand Paul Ophthalmology Certification Scandal: Why it Matters
The recent news—his lack of standard certification as an ophthalmologist and its relationship to his self-anointing and self-created National Board of Ophthalmology—is just such a Big Deal. But Rand lost me when he articulated the reason why he resisted.

Break the Barriers of Getting a Nursing Certification
If getting a nursing certification is very important, why aren't more nurses certified? I've listened to nurses who say that if their organization won't pay for it, they won't get certified. No matter what happens in your nursing career, once you're certified, you take it with you.

Why Certified Nursing Assistant Education Always Matters
Certified Nursing Assistant Certification Training Information. Home. With the help of certified nursing assistant education, you become part of an increasing profession, offering permanently possibilities of employment.

Evidence-based Design Accreditation and Certification (EDAC): Why…
Nurses are also invaluable members of the Interdisciplinary Design Team, the team that makes decisions about the design and construction of new and existing spaces. For more on the IDT, see this recent TLN Blog post, "EDAC – Why it Matters." […]

What Is LEED Certification, How It's Scored, and Why It Matters
There are four types of LEED certification: Certified (40-49 points), Silver (50-59 points), Gold (60-79 points), and Platinum (80+ points). Why LEED May Matter to Homeowners: So why go through all the cost and effort for LEED certification?

5 Reasons Why IT Certifications Still Matter
While a portion of IT knowledge workers believe there is no place for certifications for various reasons, I've got more than a few justifications for why I think certifications still matter and more importantly, why YOU should be leveraging them selectively to build a better, stronger technology business.

GSA pledges to do away with holdovers — and why that matters.

PDF CT.GOV-Connecticut's Official State Website
Why we harvest trees in Connecticut State Forests.

ANCC Certification Center | Clinical Nurse Specialist Certifications
The ANCC Nurses Certification Program validates nurses' skills and knowledge, through board certification that enhances your career and salary prospects. Meet Gretta Styles. Why Certification. FAQ.

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A Matter of Conscience: Confronting Clergy Abuse; Why We Produced This…

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Nurse Practitioner License and Certification Information Nurse Practitioner…

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discover WHY the Science of Happiness at Work Matters to your organisation.
Acquiring A CNA Certification To Be A Certified Nursing Assistant…
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Personalized Solutions for Healthcare Certification. " " I continue to be impressed by your professionalism and knowledge of the testing arena as well as the healthcare industry. Psychometric Services.

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Why Diversity Matters In Tech.

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Why Does Digital Photography Matter?

PDF Certification | Certified Nephrology Nurse
Certified Nephrology Nurse. Certification Preparation Guide. Nephrology Nursing Certification Commission. The passing score of the test is determined by a panel of nephrology nurses who serve as subject matter experts (SMEs).

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New Chief Nursing Officer Named at CHI St. Luke's…

An In-depth Look into PMP Certification and why it Matters?
They help reduce the incidence of failed projects and lead business processes with confidence. That brings us to the certification process itself. Let's do a deep dive into PMP certification and why it matters
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