Jul 112012

How to choose the right CNA training classes


When going into a CNA Training class, this is usually one of the most important steps that you have to take before you enter a career in the medical field. For others, this may also be the easiest step to a career in the health care industry, because it is affordable, easy to manage and doesn’t consume much of your time, as compared to other courses in the healthcare industry. Of course, despite these facts, one should not look down on the profession of a certified nursing assistant. (CNA). There are a lot of opportunities for a CNA, especially in the medical field. This can only be the start of a journey to become a registered nurse.


CNA classes use both theories and practical skills training to be able to prepare their students with the proper abilities to carry themselves well in whatever setting they would choose to work in. the curriculum may vary though for each state, since different states have different standards for certification for nursing assistants. This is why it is important to ensure that the school or site that the student will be taking his or her CNA training classes is accredited with the state certification board so that they would not put their time and efforts to waste.


But usually a CNA class will tackle the following topics, no matter which state you may be in. These are classes on the anatomy and physiology of the body, roles and responsibilities of a nursing assistant, infection control and safety, effective communication and interpersonal relationships with patients, co-workers and supervisors in hospitals and the like, personal care procedures for patients, such as oral hygiene, change of clothes and skin care. Other classes would include nutritional requirements and the techniques and tools for it, exercise and healthy activities, checking for vital signs, environmental comfort for patients and clients, and care for patients who suffer special conditions such as diabetes, cancer, and respiratory diseases among others.


As a student under a CNA certification course, they would have to learn the theory and the skills needed to accomplish their work. They would be required to attend weekday classes, spanning from 4 up to 6 hours. This is true for both classroom courses and those that are taken online. They would also need to have in-clinic training, in accredited health establishments for them to finish their course. That is why it is important to have hard work and dedication for these kinds of courses.


The cost of a CNA certification course is relatively affordable, as compared to other health-related courses. A four to six week course would range from $500 to $1,000. Online courses are cheaper, especially for students since transportation costs would not need to be incurred. Scholarships from schools are also available for students, as well as third-party sponsorships and financial help from hospitals would also be available for students who would want to enroll CNA training.


After passing the CNA certification course and exam, there are a lot of job opportunities available for students in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and the like. A CNA’s hourly rate would be from $10 to $15, which would be $20,000 to $30,000 annually. That is why taking a CNA course is truly beneficial and worthwhile for all those who want to take their place in the medical field.

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