Jan 142013

In order to get the license to become a professional CNA, some requirements have to be completed. Before taking the license examination for a certified nursing assistant, you are required to go through a CNA training program. The training program chosen will determine how long the training course will take. The training courses normally take three weeks to six months to complete. A number of the training courses are more rigorous compared to others. But all of the programs should meet the minimum requirements needed for a curriculum basing on the regulations of each state.


  • Age Requirement – The minimum age requirement for a person to undergo training for a certified nursing assistant is 18. Many CNA training programs require you to be 18 years old if you want to join the program.
  • High School Education – In order to be eligible for a certification course, you will be required to have a high school diploma or its equivalent. Another requirement may include the completion of a number of Biology courses or other similar courses.
  • Experience in the Clinic- In order to obtain a CNA license, you should have gone through the necessary clinical training hours during the certification program. Normally you should have gone through a minimum of forty hours of clinical training. You should also be able to show your capabilities in dealing with the patients during the clinical experience.
  • Certification Test – It is necessary for you to go through and pass the two components of the certification test before you are considered as a licensed CNA professional. The two components include the written and the clinical component, which are designed to evaluate the knowledge and skills that you acquired during your training.
  • CNA Training Course Records – The records of the nursing assistant program that you finished will be required by the licensing board. The records will be validated to ensure that you went through a certified training program.
  • Background Check – You will only receive your license after a background check for any criminal records is completed. Your fingerprints will also be checked to ensure that it does not match any of the prints on the criminal database of the federal authorities. If you intend to be employed as a professional CNA, you should have no criminal record.
  • No Unlawful Activities – It is essential that you have no record of ill-treatment or neglect of a patient in a previous workplace or while undergoing clinical training. You will not receive your license if you have a record of prior unlawful activities.
  • Suitable Communication Skills – It will be necessary for you to be able to communicate well in the English language since you have to interact with your patients. You will be required to show this capability of speaking the language well.

Some states may have additional requirements before you will become licensed to work as a certified nursing assistant. You will only get your license once these requirements are completed.


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