Jan 142013

The following are some tips to keep in mind when you are going to take the CNA certification test. It is essential to demonstrate to the instructor that you know the importance of washing your hands prior to dealing with the patient. Show that you are also aware of the significance of knocking on the door before going into the room of the patient. Inform the instructor that you will knock on the door prior to going into the room if the testing area has no door. Keep in mind inform the model patient who you are. Pull the privacy curtains together or you can inform the instructor that you will close the curtain if the testing area does not have one.

It is essential to inform the model patient of the things you will do before showing the skill even during a test. For instance, you should inform the model patient that you will change their position on the bed or assist them in getting them ready for the day by dressing and grooming them. You should refrain from going into the room of the patient without letting them know what you are going to do.

You should take note of a number of things when you will take the skills segment of the certification test. The side rails of the patient should be set up if you intend to move them on the bed or when you will perform other jobs that make it necessary to ensure their safety. Once the job is done, you should put the side rails down unless it is necessary to keep the side rails set up for the safety of the patient.

It is also essential to ask the model patient what they want if you would have to show a task that requires dressing them or brushing their hair. For instance, you can ask if they have a preferred hairstyle for the day or what type of outfit they want to wear for the day.  The self-esteem of the patient should be maintained all the time. It is important to show this at all times including at the course of the certification exam.

When you keep in mind everything that was given during the training program, it will be easy to pass the CNA test. Go through the tests and handouts that you got from the training program. A number of online study guides and practice tests are available when you are preparing for the test. Keep in mind that you can still re-take the test if you will not pass it on your first take.

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