Jul 202012

How to prepare for your CNA Certificate Exam

After weeks of CNA Training, all students would have to face the one thing that will finally make them certified nursing assistants, the CNA Certification Examination, or the National Nurse Aid Assessment Program (NNAAP). This examination is given by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN). After passing this exam, a student can already be recognized as a certified nursing assistant. They can be listed in their local state nurse aide registry and even find jobs that can suit their career. By passing this exam, individuals have one step forward in their future in the medical field.

This exam has two main parts, namely the written or oral exam, and secondly the hands-on skills demonstration test. Though different parts, they are administered on the same day. Students have to pass both exams so that they can be certified as nursing assistants. If you feel that you need more than the textbook to prepare for this exam, most online courses and schools offering CNA certification programs also provide reviewers for the exam. But it has to be clarified that the NCSBN did not provide any of these reviewers and they did not endorse these materials.

The first part of the exam is the written portion. Usually, there are 70 questions in this portion, of multiple-choice style, and all in the English language. These items are determined by the state nursing board, which is why the questions may vary from one state to the other. As with the questions, the passing percentages also differ per state, so it would be best to inquire locally on the passing rate in your state.

When taking the CNA certification exam, there are a few tips every student should remember in order to increase their chances of passing. First of all, the student should come to the testing center on time or a few minutes before the time of the test. Though harsh, most testing centers do not allow latecomers to take the exam. The student should also make sure that he or she has everything they need, as well as to follow instructions carefully. When asking a question, the student should always direct it to the proctors and never to his/her can fellow examinee, or else this be grounds for minus points or disqualification from the exam. If, for any reason, a student feels uncomfortable in taking the written exam, he/she can opt to take the oral exam, which has the same questions but can be in English or in Spanish.

The second portion of the exam is the skills demonstration part. The examinee will have to perform with precision and mastery, 5 skills which he or she should have learned in the CNA Training course. These 5 skills will be chosen at random from 25 skills by the proctor. The examinee is given 25-30 minutes to complete these skills, in an adequate environment in which all of the materials will be provided for.

Indeed the CNA certification exam can be intimidating, but with practice, and mastery of skills, any student can ace this and be well on his or her way into a successful medical career.

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