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The following are some tips to keep in mind when you are going to take the CNA certification test. It is essential to demonstrate to the instructor that you know the importance of washing your hands prior to dealing with the patient. Show that you are also aware of the significance of knocking on the door before going into the room of the patient. Inform the instructor that you will knock on the door prior to going into the room if the testing area has no door. Keep in mind inform the model patient who you are. Pull the privacy curtains together or you can inform the instructor that you will close the curtain if the testing area does not have one.

It is essential to inform the model patient of the things you will do before showing the skill even during a test. For instance, you should inform the model patient that you will change their position on the bed or assist them in getting them ready for the day by dressing and grooming them. You should refrain from going into the room of the patient without letting them know what you are going to do.

You should take note of a number of things when you will take the skills segment of the certification test. The side rails of the patient should be set up if you intend to move them on the bed or when you will perform other jobs that make it necessary to ensure their safety. Once the job is done, you should put the side rails down unless it is necessary to keep the side rails set up for the safety of the patient.

It is also essential to ask the model patient what they want if you would have to show a task that requires dressing them or brushing their hair. For instance, you can ask if they have a preferred hairstyle for the day or what type of outfit they want to wear for the day.  The self-esteem of the patient should be maintained all the time. It is important to show this at all times including at the course of the certification exam.

When you keep in mind everything that was given during the training program, it will be easy to pass the CNA test. Go through the tests and handouts that you got from the training program. A number of online study guides and practice tests are available when you are preparing for the test. Keep in mind that you can still re-take the test if you will not pass it on your first take.

Jan 142013

In order to get the license to become a professional CNA, some requirements have to be completed. Before taking the license examination for a certified nursing assistant, you are required to go through a CNA training program. The training program chosen will determine how long the training course will take. The training courses normally take three weeks to six months to complete. A number of the training courses are more rigorous compared to others. But all of the programs should meet the minimum requirements needed for a curriculum basing on the regulations of each state.


  • Age Requirement – The minimum age requirement for a person to undergo training for a certified nursing assistant is 18. Many CNA training programs require you to be 18 years old if you want to join the program.
  • High School Education – In order to be eligible for a certification course, you will be required to have a high school diploma or its equivalent. Another requirement may include the completion of a number of Biology courses or other similar courses.
  • Experience in the Clinic- In order to obtain a CNA license, you should have gone through the necessary clinical training hours during the certification program. Normally you should have gone through a minimum of forty hours of clinical training. You should also be able to show your capabilities in dealing with the patients during the clinical experience.
  • Certification Test – It is necessary for you to go through and pass the two components of the certification test before you are considered as a licensed CNA professional. The two components include the written and the clinical component, which are designed to evaluate the knowledge and skills that you acquired during your training.
  • CNA Training Course Records – The records of the nursing assistant program that you finished will be required by the licensing board. The records will be validated to ensure that you went through a certified training program.
  • Background Check – You will only receive your license after a background check for any criminal records is completed. Your fingerprints will also be checked to ensure that it does not match any of the prints on the criminal database of the federal authorities. If you intend to be employed as a professional CNA, you should have no criminal record.
  • No Unlawful Activities – It is essential that you have no record of ill-treatment or neglect of a patient in a previous workplace or while undergoing clinical training. You will not receive your license if you have a record of prior unlawful activities.
  • Suitable Communication Skills – It will be necessary for you to be able to communicate well in the English language since you have to interact with your patients. You will be required to show this capability of speaking the language well.

Some states may have additional requirements before you will become licensed to work as a certified nursing assistant. You will only get your license once these requirements are completed.


Aug 272012

First Steps To Becoming CNA Certified

We all know that getting a College Degree can be very expensive and a sad reality is that even after graduating and earning your degree you are still troubled with student loans. This is especially true of medical related courses like Nursing. Before you lose hope of being able to have a career as a Registered Nurse you can actually work your way to your dream by starting out as a Certified Nursing Assistant.

A lot of aspiring Registered Nurses have considered the alternative of being a Certified Nursing Assistant first as the requirements are easy to achieve and the training and certification will only take a few weeks to a few months to complete. Being a CNA is definitely a stepping stone to greater opportunities in a career and a profession.

Think about it as a Certified Nursing Assistant you will be exposed to the work that a Registered Nurse does, you will also be in the front lines and you will have direct contact with patients. Since you are in direct contact with patients your tasks would include some of these: answering patient questions, taking vital signs, making sure that doctor’s instructions and orders are followed and of course you also see to it that the patient is comfortable.

Not only will you be working directly with patients but you will also have the opportunity to work in different health care centers. Not only will you be working in hospitals but you will also be able to work in different settings such as homes for the aged, nursing homes as well as facilities for patients with disabilities.

Starting your career with as a Certified Nursing Assistant is also a good idea since you are already a working and earning professional. Most CNA’s earn from $20,000-$30,000 in a year and earning this kind of money will definitely help you pursue your Nursing career or other medical careers you may want to follow.

But before you dream about reaching your dreams through becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant you first need to be undergo training and you also need to be certified. The certification process for becoming a CNA is passing a number of tests as well as performing random procedures which you will be doing as a Certified Nursing Assistant.

There are some employers who offer to finance and/or provide the training required so that you can become a CNA. This usually works when the employer will hire you after you have completed your training and have become certified. If you were not be able to become certified for whatever reason then you may need to complete the certification on your own.

You can also choose to have the training in your local community college. It is important though that you make sure to check whether the place you are having your training with is certified and recognized by your State. After fixing all of your requirements you would need to make sure that you pass your certification in order to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. You should take note that certification is done by state and if you move to another state you would need to go through the whole process of being certified again. You should be aware that different requirements may vary from each state.

If you are having a lot of responsibilities and priorities for the moment or if you do not want to be stuck in the traditional classroom setting for your training you have the option of having your training and certification at home through the internet; online training is becoming a popular since you can take your online courses at your own time and in your own pace.

Some tips to remember when undergoing the training is too make sure that you get your money and time’s worth by making the most out of all the classes. Ask all the necessary questions to help you become a better Certified Nursing Assistant.

Aug 102012

Do You Meet the CNA Certification Requirements?

A lot of people are interested in becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant and this is understandable since the demand for CNA’s is very high despite of the ongoing status of the economy and it is also available in a number of different cities which provides for more opportunities to people who are aspiring to become Certified Nurse Assistants. Aside from the high demand and many opportunities in different cities a lot of people are considering becoming a CNA because of the easy requirements that come along with it.

If you are one of those people who is considering on being a Certified Nursing Assistant it would be in your best interest to take note of the requirements that are needed. The first thing that you have to make sure is that you have completed the proper education and training that is specified and required. You should know that requirements for health care professionals such as Certified Nurse Assistants are set by different Nursing and Health Care Organizations as well as in federal and state laws.

The basic education and requirements you would need before you proceed for the training to become a Certified Nursing Assistant would be a high school diploma or anything equivalent to it.

This training and education that is required in order to become a Certified Nursing Assistant is offered in different establishments. You might be even surprised to learn that you can actually get the courses required online. If you have other responsibilities that may hinder you from taking regular classes and training then you might consider taking online classes in order to get your requirements to become a Certified Nursing Assistant.

If you have a lot of time in your hands then you can consider taking the traditional classes and training to complete your requirements. These classes are available in different establishments such as technical and vocational schools and community colleges. The important thing to remember is to ensure that the establishments offering these courses and training are established by the right Nursing and Healthcare organizations.

There are also a number of other requirements in order to become a Certified Nursing Assistant most of these requirements can be learned during the course and training itself. An example of this is learning CPR while another requirement is getting the right vaccinations and tuberculosis screening. These health requirements are very important to make sure that the patients are protected and this small and simple measure also protects you from communicable diseases.

The traditional CNA course would include classroom lectures as well as Clinical Exposure or on-the-job training. The on-the-job training is conducted in hospitals or nursing homes. The course can last from 6-8 weeks. As earlier mentioned, the Certified Nursing Assistant course can also be taken online, with video conferencing and chat facilities to help you with your training.

To give you an idea of what the Certified Nursing Assistant Course will cover here is a few of the topics you will most likely be encountering in the course:


Communication skills this is so that you can properly communicate with your patients whether it is verbal or non-verbal communication. This is an essential skill that is required for professionals working in the health care industry.

Another topic you will encounter is the roles, responsibilities and functions of a Certified Nursing Assistant. This is also very important so that you will understand the scope and limitations of your work as a CNA.

Similar to other health related courses you will also be studying the following topics: Anatomy and physiology of the human body this is to develop an understanding of the human body and be able to care for your patients and clients with these principles in mind. Infection control is also another important topic so that you can protect yourself and your patient by maintaining a clean environment. Since part of the job of a Certified Nurse Assistant is to take the Vital Signs of patients you will also learn how to measure and record vital signs.

After the training and classes there is of course a Certification Test that you will need to pass this is called the National Nurse Aid Assessment Program or NNAAP.  This Certification examination is given by  the National Council of State Boards of Nursing or NCSBN.

It is important to pass this certification test and this basically determines whether you can become a Certified Nursing Assistant or not. Once you pass this certification test your name will be included in the list of state nurse registry and you can now begin your professional career as a Certified Nursing Assistant.

So that you have an idea on how the certification test goes there are basically two parts on is the Written Test or Oral Exam and these are in multiple choice form and a person taking the test can choose whether to take the test in English or in Spanish. It has to be noted that the number of questions per test can be different from each state. The other part of the exam is the Skills demonstration part and this just means that people who are taking the test will be demonstrating practical nursing skills which you will be performing as a Certified Nursing Assistant. There is a pool of 25 nursing skills and from these 25 skills, 5 will be randomly chosen for each participant to perform.

Once you have passed the Certification Test you can now embark on your career as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Just make sure to fulfill all the requirements beforehand to ensure that you will not encounter any problems along the way.

Jul 202012

How to prepare for your CNA Certificate Exam

After weeks of CNA Training, all students would have to face the one thing that will finally make them certified nursing assistants, the CNA Certification Examination, or the National Nurse Aid Assessment Program (NNAAP). This examination is given by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN). After passing this exam, a student can already be recognized as a certified nursing assistant. They can be listed in their local state nurse aide registry and even find jobs that can suit their career. By passing this exam, individuals have one step forward in their future in the medical field.

This exam has two main parts, namely the written or oral exam, and secondly the hands-on skills demonstration test. Though different parts, they are administered on the same day. Students have to pass both exams so that they can be certified as nursing assistants. If you feel that you need more than the textbook to prepare for this exam, most online courses and schools offering CNA certification programs also provide reviewers for the exam. But it has to be clarified that the NCSBN did not provide any of these reviewers and they did not endorse these materials.

The first part of the exam is the written portion. Usually, there are 70 questions in this portion, of multiple-choice style, and all in the English language. These items are determined by the state nursing board, which is why the questions may vary from one state to the other. As with the questions, the passing percentages also differ per state, so it would be best to inquire locally on the passing rate in your state.

When taking the CNA certification exam, there are a few tips every student should remember in order to increase their chances of passing. First of all, the student should come to the testing center on time or a few minutes before the time of the test. Though harsh, most testing centers do not allow latecomers to take the exam. The student should also make sure that he or she has everything they need, as well as to follow instructions carefully. When asking a question, the student should always direct it to the proctors and never to his/her can fellow examinee, or else this be grounds for minus points or disqualification from the exam. If, for any reason, a student feels uncomfortable in taking the written exam, he/she can opt to take the oral exam, which has the same questions but can be in English or in Spanish.

The second portion of the exam is the skills demonstration part. The examinee will have to perform with precision and mastery, 5 skills which he or she should have learned in the CNA Training course. These 5 skills will be chosen at random from 25 skills by the proctor. The examinee is given 25-30 minutes to complete these skills, in an adequate environment in which all of the materials will be provided for.

Indeed the CNA certification exam can be intimidating, but with practice, and mastery of skills, any student can ace this and be well on his or her way into a successful medical career.

Jul 142012

CNA Practice Tests? Are They Any Good?

After finally going through the CNA certification course, the next step for students would be to pass the CNA certification exam. Once they are able to overcome this hurdle, they can become registered certified nursing assistants, and can start looking for work in their respective field.

But before a student should take the National Nurse Aid Assessment Program (NNAAP) certification exam, they should be well-prepared for the test. They should have paid attention in class during the training, making sure that they understood all of the skills that were being taught to them. They can also take reviewers, such as practice tests, which are available in many online sites and even in the school itself.

The exam has two parts: the first would be a written or oral exam, and the second would be a skills-demonstration test. To be called a certified nursing assistant, the student must be able to pass both exams for him or her to claim their certification and be accredited in their local registry as a certified nursing assistant.

Unfortunately, the practice exams only cover the written part of the exam. This part is in a multiple-choice type of exam so the student will only have to shade the correct answer to be able to pass this part of the test.

Bear in mind that the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) did not in any way, provide these practice exams, nor do they endorse them. That is why if the student would want to be sure in the practice exam that he or she will be taking, the best way to choose the exam would be from the guidance and the expert advice of the teachers, instructors or certified nursing assistants themselves.

For the written part of the exam, there are a number of parts which you would want to remember, especially when finally taking your exam. The examinee should look back at the topics that they have discussed during the course of the program so that he or she would know what topics they will encounter in the exam. To mention them quickly, these parts would include, physical care, or relating to the patients’ hygiene, nutrition and sleep; basic nursing skills such as infection control, therapeutic skills, and emergency procedures. Other parts would include psychosocial care, which deals with the patients’ other needs, such as emotional, spiritual and mental needs; roles of a CNA which would include ethics, synergy, teamwork and the communication skills expected of a CNA, mainly his or her roles and responsibilities; and injury prevention and self-care, which deals with teaching their patients how to take care of themselves and not to cause harm.

It is advisable for students to treat practice exams seriously, so that they will know which areas to improve on, and what could be your strengths and weaknesses during the National Nurse Aid Assessment Program (NNAAP) certification exam. They should be focused and energized when taking these exams so that they can be prepared for the real thing.

Jul 112012

Choosing a CNA Certification Program is a Crucial Step!


One of the first steps of starting a career in the medical field is through CNA Training courses and programs. Being a very popular track for many individuals today, there are a lot of online and school-based CNA certification programs available to students, whether in the United States or in other countries all over the world. But because of this large number, it also opens potential threats from bogus courses and non-accredited programs offered by these opportunists. This is why students should always be careful when choosing the right CNA certification program for them, so that they can be assured of their step towards a better future in the medical field.


That is why it is very important for students in CNA certification programs to choose the right one for them. They can do so by looking through the school’s accreditation, ranking, and facilities. Even with an online program, it is also very important to look through these criteria so that the student can be recognized as bona fide member of the medical field, with a salary to match. If the school or online program is not accredited, then the student would not be able to reach all of these goals, and their weeks of effort would be put to waste.


Rankings are one of the main determinants to see if a school or online course is certified for CNA Training or not. These are one of the easiest ways to see if a school can give you the best CNA certification program or not. But it is also important to remember that rankings are subjective, based on whatever is being measured. For example, one school might be on top of the rankings based on high exam scores while another school would rank the highest in the satisfaction of students.


Above all else, the school or the online program should have valid accreditation before a student should choose it for their CNA training. The student can ask from their local registry of the list of accredited schools and online courses which provide CNA certification training so that he or she can be sure which school would be best for their training. If possible, the student should also check out the facilities so that they can be sure which of these would have the best amenities for them.


Whether in an online course setting, or a school program, the student should know that these accredited CNA training programs should offer in-clinic practical situations for different areas such as hospitals, nursing homes and the like. Subjects that you would have to take in class would include anatomy, physiology, nursing skills, diet and nutrition, patient hygiene and infection control among others. Written and oral examinations, practical demonstrations and skills testing may also be included. These exercises will help the student greatly for the CNA certification exams, so it is very important to acquire their CNA training from a high-ranking and accredited school or online site. This is their first step toward their medical career so they should be able to get it from the best.